Design with us
Submit something original

ZAD s always open to new suggestions and new projects. So if you have an original idea to propose to us, send us an e-mail with your suggestion. ZAD will evaluate the feasibility of your creation and will contact you in case of positive outcome.

Necessary informations
to avoid to waste your time

If your idea and the feasibility of the project are approved, our team will ask you to send us
the rendering in high definition with a high level staging; (as on our website).
Angles and colors will be indicated by our operators. Ask for the PDF file “GUIDE FOR YOUR RENDERING”, which will facilitate your work and will avoid you to waste your time.


Advantages of our project

From that moment on, you will be a part of our project, you will be on our page “DESIGNERS”; there will be your photograph, your website address, your e-mail and a list of the furniture which you propose on our website. Zad Italy will take care to quantify the product and advertise. On each sale, you will perceive royalties about a percentage of the selling price. The more products will be approved by our teams, the more you will have possibilities of selling them and receive royalties. At the same time, our website will be continuously kept up to date with new products, new ideas and new designers... good work!